Shotgun and Rimfire Ammunition

Norgas Cartridge Company is a division of North West Gases, brand name Norgas. Managing Director John Webster is a keen and accomplished engineer and shooter.  He shoots with a small syndicate in North Wales; he is a well known pigeon shooter and controls rabbits on a number of farms in the UK. 

He shoots clays to keep his eye in with a club in Cheshire and occasionally at a number of other grounds around the North West when time permits.  A regular contributor to the popular internet forum Pigeon Watch “webber” has assisted a number of shooters over the years.

Dissatisfied with the choice and availability of shotgun and rimfire ammunition in the area, he decided to establish a specialist supplier of shotgun cartridges and rimfire ammunition, initially stocking FIOCCHI cartridges which he had shot several years ago, but was no longer able to obtain.

Building on the services that he had provided to shooters over a number of years.   Airgun cylinder filling and testing, batteries for lamps, pigeon magnets and flappers, and gun cabinets. 

For years he had recommended the Uni-Dot  fibre optic gun sight to shooters with cross eye dominance issues, now it is readily available in the UK.  A free measuring, application and fitting service is available if required.  

Other products will be added to the range as time and demand dictate.  A large number of them will have been tried and field tested by webber.  If its no good, we simply won’t sell it!  Quality, service and value have driven the family owned and run business for three decades.


Norgas Cartridge Company


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