Airgun Cylinders

Airgun Cylinders
We stock a range of airgun cylinder charging kits and accessories provided by Midland Diving.
Norgas Cartridge Company are also capable of filling and testing airgun cylinders on site.

Cylinder Refilling and Testing


We fill cylinders for use in air guns with NITROGEN N2. The gas is inert, very clean and perfectly dry. Unlike compressed air which is only clean if the compressor and its filters are well maintained and will contain water vapour in any case. The chances of an air weapon exploding due to Dieseling effect are virtually eliminated as there is no Oxygen present.

Currently, we charge £6 to refill a cylinder.


Gas in cylinders are our core business. We utilise a number of UKAS approved cylinder testing stations to test, refurbish and requalify our fleet of many thousands of gas cylinders.

We offer a cylinder test service to air gunners. Turn a round is approximately 2 weeks. We will, if asked, offer an opinion as to the likelihood of a cylinder passing test, similarly we will advise if we feel that the cylinder is unlikely to pass for what ever reason. This is, however, only our opinion based on over 3 decades of working with gas cylinders. The decision of the test station is final.

Failed cylinders will be destroyed and scrapped, you can have the top of the cylinder returned if you wish. We require advance payment for cylinder testing. The fee is payable pass or fail. We do not charge for disposal.

Periodic testing interval varies subject to type of cylinder, type of valve and type of use. The new Air Gun Charging Cylinders supplied by Norgas are on a 5 year cycle.

Currently, we charge £38 to test a cylinder.


Gun Charging Kits

For airgunners with an existing diving cylinder, MDE manufacture a wide range of charging kits.

Stamped and machined using high quality brass, all systems come complete with a Wika gauge, a connection for the cylinder valve, a finger-tight bleed and a choice of either a 1/4BSP outlet or a 305mm 1/8BSP hose.

Charging kits are available with either A-Clamp or universal DIN 200-300 Bar, allowing easy connection to almost any SCUBA cylinder for airgun use.


The 1/4BSP outlet is supplied complete with a seal for Rapid7 or Super10-type ‘buddy bottle’ airguns, and the high quality, high pressure 1/8BSPF hose is ideal for most ‘quick-connector’ air rifles including Air Arms, Falcon, Logun and Daystate.



Gun Charging Cylinders

Featuring our innovative new ‘Jubilee Range’ 300 bar cylinder valve, the Midland Diving Airgun Charging Cylinder range provides everything you need to power your precharged air weapon.

Our complete kits include a high quality tank, made to British and international standards, plus a valve, integrated dry gauge, bleed and an option of 1/8BSP hose or 1/4BSP outlet to suit almost any airgun – simply add your adaptor and the system is ready to use.

Available in 3, 7 or 12L, all cylinders are supplied with a 5-year test from date of manufacture.


Click here for a list of all our currently available kits and cylinders. If you need advice, or would like to order, please contact us at

Charging Parts and Accesories



Gun Charging Hoses




Replacement high pressure microbore hose for Airgun Charging Cylinders and Diving Cylinder Systems. Provides a standard 1/8BSPF outlet for rifles including Air Arms and Daystate.




A range of pressure gauges are available - ranging up to 400 bar.


Seals and Adaptors

Seals and adapters are available for any part of the charging system.

Bleed Screws

We also offer a range of bleed screws.


Click here to see our full range of accessories with prices. For advice, or to order, contact us at



Jubilee Airgun Valve

The Most Advanced Cylinder Valve Designed for Airgun Charging


Introducing our innovative new 'Jubilee Range' 300 bar cylinder valve, decidated to safe filling of pneumatic pre-charged airguns.

MDE have long been a market leader in surface values for SCUBA cylinders, extending the test life for Airgun enthusiasts to 5 years.

The New Jubilee design features an integrated gauge, improved bleed and a rubberised handwheel.



On the inlet we've also incorperated a patented decive which automatically restricts the flow rate to the airgun, even if the valve is fully opened, allowing for a slower, safer fill.

The 'Jubilee Range' gun valve is uniquely certified for CE together with Pi mark impact test (EN ISO 10297:2006).





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